Hey Alice,

I just wanted to let you know that Orfelina listed her property with Paula on your recommendation and it has been a fantastic experience. Her property sold in 3 weeks (after the oil prices had dropped) and Paula was the driver to negotiate a final price at 99% of the list price!

Paula had a strong marketing plan and collateral but what impressed me the most was that she had the opportunity to represent both the seller and the purchaser but she declined, stating that she only felt comfortable looking after Orfelina’s interest.

Alice, you can continue to feel comfortable recommending Paula as a realtor. I know I do! Take care and let’s do coffee one of these days.



Paula’s knowledge and the guidance provided during the process, made the sale of our condo an unexpected positive experience. 

Thank you Paula and Walter for your professionalism. Now, we are ready to start looking for our new home. Ready for another positive experience. 



Paula Leemans, you are amazing. I appreciate your hard work during the four months it took us to get the deal done. And it was worth it! I appreciate your professional approach to getting me the house I wanted...you are the most professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, fun, organized, efficient, and understanding realtor I have ever worked with.

Alice Wheaton


Hi Paula and Walter,

We are very happy that our rental house is now our ex-house. We can now enjoy the fruits of our hard labour and get started on some renovations and upgrades to our own house (that you helped us buy 12 years ago and which we still love)!

Thank you so much for the great advice and encouragement during these past 6 months. Paula, we are very happy and blessed that we chose you to market our property. We know that our property had a lot of challenges and in spite of that, you were still able to execute a great sale for us! We truly appreciate all of your hard work and we know that it is due to your exceptional skills in negotiation that we are now able to enjoy the success of this sale.

Warmest regards, Sandra Low and Manny Yee


Hi Paula, 

Thank you so much for sharing our property with your friends. We will for sure keep you in mind to represent us if it doesn't sell in the next few weeks as we need to move to Ontario asap. 

We listed this property ourselves so that we could save the seller's commission and list at a lower price for a quick sale. I individually emailed 900 + realtors in the last few days. Unfortunately 9 out of 10 of them were very rude and went out of their way to discourage us. I feel sorry for their current buyers who's interests are not prioritized and the realtors themselves, as time will expose them and they will not prosper as they should. 

I just wanted to let you know that you and only a few others responded positive. I am not sure how competitive it is out there for you guys as there are many realtors in Calgary, but you are clearly different from the pack and committed to your buyers. Thank you for being a professional - we need more realtors like you. 



We are extremely happy to have established a connection with Paula Leemans of Remax. As a Realtor, Paula is very professional, polite, easily approachable and extremely efficient. As an individual she makes all attempts to find our desires in having a home that suits all our needs I'm a friendly way.  We sold our home in 23 days and bought our new home in 3 days of visiting 13 homes. We would highly recommend Paula and her team to do business with. A person to rely for real estate matters. Wishing her all the very best.


Nisha Jibi John


We were talking to our son Kenny on Sunday and he sure had great things to say about you two.

You made them feel important and special...You know with certainty that Kenny & Krystal (and myself) will speak very well of your good service - THANK YOU for taking such good care of them. 



Hi Paula, 

I just wanted to write you a little thank you note for the excellent services you provided in order for me to find the suitable house for Marie-Eve and I.  Your expertise and knowledge of the market have been extremely helpful, helping us to find the house that met all our criteria. You have provided the little extras that make such a significant decision less stressful.  Calling a previous client of yours to gain detailed knowledge of the street I now live on is one of the many examples.  

Choisir une première maison tout seul alors que ma tendre moitié ne pouvait être présente, et ce dans un marché qui m’était inconnu représentait une décision importante.  J’ai beaucoup apprécié ton aide et tes conseils avisés.  Le résultat est extrêmement satisfaisant, nous adorons la maison.

 Paula, it has been a real pleasure to use your services and, if we ever decide to sell this house, you will definitely get a call ! 

Many thanks / Mille merci 

Jérémie & Marie-Eve


 Chère Paula
Ma famille se joint à moi pour vous remercier de l'aide que vous nous avez apportée pour trouver une maison à Calgary. Nous avons déménagé internationalement à de nombreuses reprises, et cela n'a pas toujours été un cadeau! Mais avec vous, cela a été agréable, aisé et efficace.
Je pense qu’être un bon agent requiert une bonne connaissance de deux réalités, le client et le marché, mais requiert aussi une fiabilité qui est à la base de toute relation de confiance.
Votre connaissance du marché est dure à battre. Votre connaissance approfondie des différents quartiers est remarquable. Le fait que vous ayez personnellement vécu dans divers quartiers de Calgary vous a certainement donné la possibilité de connaître cette belle ville de fond en comble. Non seulement vous savez où trouver les meilleures maisons, mais également les meilleures boutiques et les meilleurs restaurants! Nous fréquentons encore les différents endroits que vous nous avez fait découvrir, puisque nous ne pourrions pas trouver mieux.
Vous nous avez écoutés et vous avez compris ce que nous avions à dire, même si mon épouse et moi-même exprimions parfois des idées contradictoires. Votre patience et votre finesse d'écoute nous ont grandement aidés à éliminer la confusion qui régnait dans nos esprits, et à mettre nos idées en ordre afin d'atteindre l'objectif ultime : trouver la maison de nos rêves. Nous aurions pu à plusieurs reprises prendre une mauvaise tangente, cependant votre patience a été l'élément clé qui nous a permis de prendre la bonne décision et de trouver la bonne maison.
Bien sûr, je ne pourrai jamais oublier que ces qualités étaient toujours accompagnées d'une bonne dose d'humour et d'autodérision, qui ont une importance non négligeable lorsqu'on ne sait pas ce qu'on veut, et qu'on a besoin de relâcher un peu la pression exercée par un échéancier serré. Nous ne vous remercierons jamais assez.
Nous nous sommes fiés à vous, et vous avez livré la marchandise. Vous avez une énergie sans fonds, et un grand sens de l'éthique, ce qu'on ne trouve pas à tous les coins de rue de nos jours. Vous avez vraiment travaillé fort pour nous, en donnant toujours la priorité à nous, le client, ce qui est encore une attitude remarquable. Vous donnez bonne réputation à la profession!
En résumé, c'est en trouvant la clé de nos cœurs que vous nous avez aidés à trouver la clé de notre maison!
N’hésitez pas à utiliser cette lettre comme référence.
Mille mercis à vous et à Walter, et la meilleure réussite dans toute vos projets.

Richard Surprenant et famille


Dear Paula
My wife and myself want to thank you personally for helping our family find a home in Calgary. We have moved many times globally, and relocating hasn't always been seamless. But with you, it was fun, easy and efficient.
To be a good agent I think requires knowledge on 2 fronts - knowledge of the customer and knowledge of the market, all combined with dependability which is the foundation for a trusting relationship.
Your knowledge of the market is 'second to none'. Your intimate knowledge of the market and of each neighbourhood is outstanding. Having lived in many neighbourhoods around Calgary I'm sure has helped you to know this great city inside out. You not only know where to find great houses, but you know the best shopping and eating spots too! We still go to many places you have shown us because they are simply the best.
You were very keen in listening and understanding what we had to say, even though between my wife and myself we sometimes were sending mixed messages. Your patience and listening skills helped us sort out the confusion of our feelings and mess of our impressions into a work plan that helped us find our dream property. We could have gone the wrong way many times, yet your patience was a key for making the right decision and finding the right home. Of course, I could not forget that this patience and knowledge came with the right dose of humour and self-reflection which again is greatly required when you have doubts about what you want and need to diffuse pressure resulting from a tight relocation schedule. We are forever thankful.
We relied on you and you delivered. Your energy to deliver and business ethics were of a very high standard, and this is not something we can find on every street corner nowadays. You really worked hard for us, putting the customer first, again an outstanding behaviour! You give the housing agent profession a good name.
So in a nutshell, you helped us find the key to our home, and you did that by finding the key to our hearts along the way.
Please feel free to use this letter for reference.
Many thanks to you and Walter, and all the best in your endeavours.

Richard Surprenant and family


Bonjour Madame Leemans,
Je me permets à nouveau, ayant eu recours à vos excellents services pour une seconde fois, de venir ouvertement manifester à quiconque ne vous connaissant pas encore ma très grande satisfaction quant à vos efforts à mon égard.
Au printemps dernier, dans le vent de folie qui s’était emparé du marché immobilier de Calgary, vous avez su vous montrer disponible et efficace comme jamais pour m’épauler dans mon urgent besoin de trouver mon « petit chez-moi .» Vous-même, en pleine festivité de la fête des Mères, vous avez eu l’amabilité (et ce mot est faible compte tenu de l’événement qui prenait cours) de venir me secourir pour compléter mon offre d’achat qui, inopinément, a eu lieu ce jour précis. De main de maître, l’affaire fut positivement conclue ainsi grâce à votre perspicacité et votre dévouement. J’en ai obtenu tout le bénéfice…
Je résume en quelques mots à peine ici ce qui nécessiterait plusieurs lignes pour informer les gens qui liraient mon message ; mais mille mercis encore, Paula, de m’avoir épargné de lourds soucis pour redevenir propriétaire à Calgary. Je peux dire sans crainte que si je fus éclairé la première fois d’avoir utilisé vos services d’agente immobilière, oserais-je alors prétendre d’avoir été illuminé pour cette deuxième occasion! Cette fois-ci, le mot n’est plus trop faible…
Merci Paula

Joël Cotton


Chère Madame Leemans,
Objet: faire part de votre professionnalisme et vous manifester ma très grande satisfaction
C'est avec un incommensurable plaisir que je désire vous témoigner de ma satisfaction d'avoir utilisé vos excellents services à titre d'agente immobilière (représentante de la compagnie RE/MAX) lors de la vente de mon unité (condominium) cet automne.
Votre dévouement face à la tâche à accomplir, votre souci de vous "accaparer" du stress inhérent, pour le propriétaire-vendeur, à la vente de sa résidence, ainsi que votre cordialité et votre intérêt manifesté à chacune de nos rencontres n'ont d'égal que mon bonheur à prendre conscience que le professionnalisme existe toujours, quelque part. Je me réjouis, pour une fois, de m’être fié à mon instinct pour vous accorder cette mission de la vente de ma propriété.
À nouveau, Paule, acceptez mes remerciements, et j'ose souhaiter à la communauté francophone de Calgary que des professionnels de votre trempe soient reconnus et sans cesse accessibles pour des clients tels que moi, c'est-à-dire exigeants et pas toujours "faciles"! Je demeurerai pour longtemps et avec plaisir messager à vous référer sans l'ombre d’un doute.

J. Cotton


Paula, first I must say thank you for all your help with Sean's purchase of the duplex in Calgary. That is not an easy job and required a lot of looking around to find something affordable and suitable. He is very excited and nervous. I know he appreciated all your advice and help. I never did write you after our purchase to thank you for your expertise and efficiency in handling our purchase. Especially on such short of a time line. I do realize now that your job entails a lot of showing, advising and pressure to make things work out for the purchaser. We will rely on your expertise when it comes time to sell too.
Thank you again for all your help and advice, it was good to talk to you. Sean is very pleased with how things worked out and hopefully that will be the last of us to make a purchase for awhile- that is a lot of pressure in Calgary's market right now.
Good luck in your endeavours, I am sure you are keeping busy.



Dear Paula,
I want to write you a. note to thank you for selling our home and helping us in the purchase of a new home. It was a pleasure working with your pleasant personality especially when selling a home can be very stressful. You provided us with helpful selling tips and encouragement when we felt anxious. The little extras that you did to assist in the sale of our home did not go unnoticed. The ads placed in local newspapers as well as the open houses you held all were helpful in getting our home noticed.
We appreciated all your hard work!
Thank you for assisting us with our real estate needs.

Corinne Tucker


To Whom It May Concern,
Our realtor - Paula Leemans did an outstanding job and we highly recommend her.
Paula went to extraordinary lengths to show us suitable properties, and we found the perfect home for our family. We were delighted with Paula's use of e-mail, which enabled us to preview available properties within our price range from the comfort of our computer at home.
Paula is very hard working, and showed considerable flexibility in matching her hectic schedule to ours. Paula also demonstrated an impressive working ethic, all deadlines were met, and all documents were signed and no document overlooked.
Paula has an excellent knowledge of Calgary's neighborhoods, and market conditions. She also gave us experienced advice on legal and mortgage issues. We relied on Paula's knowledge and advice, because as immigrants to Canada we faced some unusual challenges in buying our home.
Paula is good natured and enthusiastic. We had a lot of fun house hunting together. The whole process of finding and purchasing a home can be quite daunting and stressful, but with Paula guiding us through we had a wonderful experience. We would recommend Paula Leemans to any of our friends or colleagues who may be looking to purchase a new home or property.

The Keith-Chester family


Subject: Paula Leemans
To Whom It May Concern,
Paula Leemans acted on behalf of my wife, and I recently, in the marketing of our former Calgary residence. The listing was difficult because the property value was high, relative to the neighborhood. Ms. Leemans' marketing plan was successful. The resulting sale was within 1 % of the valuation estimate undertaken by Ms. Leemans at the time of listing. The sale was timely, allowing us to proceed with the purchase of a new residence in Vancouver. I consider Paula an astute and competent Real Estate Consultant, and would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Robert Holden and Marie-Laure Rouzineau


To Whom it May Concern:
As a first-time homebuyer, I consider myself very fortunate to have been referred to Paula Leemans, Real Estate Agent. Her calm, considerate manner and her patience made me feel very comfortable. She was particularly helpful in the early stages, explaining what I needed to know as well as referring me to other qualified professionals to assist in the purchasing process.
Paula answered all my calls promptly and was always available to show various properties. She realized my needs and I felt supported in my search. She always shared ideas about each home's potential. It was fun to view houses with her.
I would recommend Paula highly because of her positive outlook, her understanding, her supportiveness and her patience.

Betty Hicks


Dear Paula,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the fabulous work you put into helping us buy our new dream home and selling our old one. You were very professional, helpful, patient, resourceful and most of all fun to work with.
We were both very impressed with your level of knowledge about buying and selling do's and don'ts plus many other things to watch out for during this process.
We would both whole heartedly recommend any of our friends, family and business associates to call you to use your services.
We especially thank you for the contribution that you have made to the CSPS Lake Louise.
One last item that is also most appreciated is that you are still always open to helping us out with advice or information even after the purchase and sale were over with.
Thank you once again, Paula. Have a great year.

Patty Trimble


Paula Leemans
Paula Leemans